बीमारीयों के नाम List of Human Diseases in Hindi

दोस्तों हमारे आज के topic “List of Human Diseases in hindi.” में हम कुछ ऐसे Medical terms की बातें करेंगे।

जिन्हें हम अपनी Daily life में बहुत बार सुनते तो हैं लेकिन उन words को समझने में हमें काफी problem होती है।
तो चलिए हम एक-एक कर पूरी List को ध्यान से देखते हैं ।


Anaemia =Deficiency of Haemoglobin in the blood.

Analgesic= Medicine which alleviate the pain.

Arthralgia= Pain in a joint.

Adenectomy= Excision of a gland.

Arthritis = Inflammation of joints

Adenoma= Benign tumor of glandular tissue.

Arrhythmia= Any deviation of normal Rhythm of Heart.

Albuminuria= Presence of the Albumin in the Urine.

Amenorrhoea= Absence of Menstrual discharge.


Bronchitis= Inflammation of bronchii.

Blepharitis= Inflammation of the Eyelids.


Cephalalgia= Headache .

Cholecystectomy= Excision of gall bladder.

Carditis= Inflammation of the Heart.

Cervicitis= Inflammation of cervix.

Colitis = Inflammation of Colon.

Colpitis= Inflammation of Vagina.

Cystitis = Inflammation of Urinary bladder.

Cholelithiasis= stone in the Gall bladder.

Cystostomy= surgical opening made in the bladder.

Cystotomy= Incisions in the Urinary bladder.


Diplopia= Double vision.

Dysmenorrhoea= Painful menstruation.


Enteritis = Inflammation of Intestines.



Otalgia= Ear ache.

Gastralgia= Pain in the stomach.

Gastritis = Inflammation of the Stomach.

Glycosuria= Presence of the sugar in the urine.

Glossitis= Inflammation of the Tongue.


Hyterodynia= Pain in the uterus.

Hysterectomy = Excision of the Uterus.

Hepatitis = Inflammation of the Liver.

Hemiplegia = Paralysis of one side of the body.

Haemorrhage= Escape of blood from a vessel.

Haematuria= Blood in the Urine.

Haemostasis = Arrest of Bleeding.

Hypertrophy = Increase in the size of Tissue.



Leucoderma= Defective skin pigmentation.

Laryngitis= Inflammation of the larynx.

Leucorrhoea = whitish vaginal discharge.


Myelitis= Inflammation of the Spinal cord.

Myoma= Tumour of Muscle.

Menorrhoea= menstrual bleeding.

Metritis= Inflammation of the Uterus.

Myalgia= Muscle pain.


Nephrolithiasis= stone in the Kidney.

Neuroplasty= surgical repair of Nerves.

Nephroptosis= Downward displacement of the kidney.

Neurasthenia= Nervous debility.

Nephralgia= Pain in kidney.

Neuralgia= Nerve pain.

Nephrectomy= Excision of a kidney.

Nephritis= Inflammation of the Kidneys.


Osteomalacia= softening of bone through vitamin D or calcium .



Pharyngitis= Inflammation of the Pharynx.

Pyloromyotomy= Incision of pyloric sphincter muscle.

Pyoderma= skin infection with pus formation.

Pyloraplasty= Incision of plastic pylorus to widen passage.



Thyroidectomy= Excision of Thyroid gland.

Thrombosis = Formation of a blood clot.


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